October 25, 2011

Pepper Lunch for Dinner*

*This post was originally written for The Athena, Cheenee's previous blog.

Eating is an experience that must be enticing from the visual standpoint and satiating up to the aftertaste. Creativity and uniqueness in the food industry's marketing and gimmicks have already leveled with the creativity and goodness of the food itself. The "fast steak" restaurant, Pepper Lunch (PL), is among the restaurants that have successfully married creativity with good food. It gives you not plain gimmick but a gastronomic experience worth repeating.

In the Philippines, we have Cecile Zamora (of CHUVANESS.com) and husband Chef Jeroen to thank for bringing PL to the Philippines last 2008. I never knew it has been years since the DIY steak house introduced their patented electromagnetic plate that heats up to 260 degrees Celsius within one minute. Cool, right?

October 12, 2011

Barquillos en Sorbetes? Muy delicioso!

I do not know when exactly this happened during my childhood (or if it happened a lot of times) but this one memory, the one that flashes in my mind when I hear the word barquillos, never fails to remind me how these thin rolled wafers perfectly compliment the sweetness of ice cream. In that flashback, I remember buying an ube flavored ice cream from a drugstore slash grocery at the market after persuading someone to buy a big tub for us. Then I remember filling my barquillos with the ube ice cream.

October 8, 2011

Year-Round Wish List

The problem with having a wish list is that I seem to want and need everything! But last September 1, the beginning of the "ber" months, I managed to shorten my first ever wish list (Kris Kringle aside). I almost forgot about these lists until I felt the Amihan kissing my skin these past few nights.

I made a separate list for the material and non-material wishes and I'm sharing with you the "material" wish list. There are a few items on this list that you may find weird but who cares? Walang basagan ng trip! I find it weird too why they're there.

Since most of these "wishes" are not easy on the pocket, I decided that this will be good until August 31, 2012, 11:59 PM. I won't pressure myself though. Not all wishes come true so whatever it is I'll be able to afford or whatever it is other people can give me would be more than enough.

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