July 31, 2012

Thoughts on Fashion

No one else knows myself better than I do. So when I say that I have no affection whatsoever for fashion, believe me, I am lying. Deep inside, I have always admired girls who go out of the house fixed, those who still appear fashionable even in their most casual and rugged outfit, or those who appear effortlessly pretty.

I have always been comfortable in shirt and jeans, flats or flip flops, undone hair, without make up and accessories. There were a number of phases in my college days when I put on light make up but, eventually, laziness would get the better of me and my kikay attempts would again be relegated back to the farthest part of my thoughts.

July 29, 2012

Papa John's: The Unlimited Pizza Experience

Since Papa John’s opened it’s first store in Manila, my sister, Les, kept bugging me about bringing home to Leyte a box or two of its pizza. When she is in Manila, though, we never get the chance to visit the place. Even I, who is often near a Papa John's branch, have never gone there until its Unlimited Pizza (P199) promo every Tuesday.

July 28, 2012

Welcome to Nicknamed Cheenee

Hi there!

I am athenaD., nicknamed Cheenee. I am a lover of food, a late bloomer in the fashion department, a globe-trotter in my dreams. You might be wondering what “F” in “all the F’s in the world” stands for. Nothing green or foul. “F” is for everything fun and anything I fancy. Or frustrations, maybe. This hodgepodge is a product of my cluttered mind, a dump site of anything that will remind me that life is awesome, and this is also nicknamed cheenee. Welcome to my little space! Enjoy! (:

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