March 28, 2012

Magnum Mania*

*This post was originally written for The Athena, Cheenee's previous blog.

Magnum's been all over the internet (and trashcans) since it became available in MiniStop, 7-11 chains, and supermarkets. Everyday I'd see a number of posts on and a number of poses with Magnum in my facebook feeds and I bet everyone who reads this can relate.

I am not someone who'd buy a hyped ice cream before reading A LOT of reviews and A LOT of stories from friends on how it tasted like so it took me three more days (from the day it was released) before deciding to buy the Magnum Classic (P55). It looked sophisticated from the wrapper up to the smooth chocolate coating. The chocolate coating was good, especially with its little hint of bitterness that went well with the creamy vanilla. I thought it was not really worth the hype...

March 8, 2012

Was at Wingman again*

*This post was originally written for The Athena, Cheenee's previous blog.

I went back to Wingman at The Collective last February 29 not really because I was craving for it but because I had to use the Ensogo voucher I bought last September since it expires on March 2. This was a solo food trip. That's what you have to get used to when your off is on a weekday and practically all your friends have work.

The Collective is quite hard to find when you're unfamiliar with the streets of Makati. When we went there last October, we had a car and Tito Rey knew the roads of Makati. This time, however, I had to commute alone from Taguig to Makati. It took me three jeepney rides. One from C5 to Market! Market!. Another from Market! Market! to EDSA-Ayala and another one from EDSA-Ayala to Buendia. I was impoverish last week hailing a cab didn't even cross my mind. I even walked from my drop-off point along Buendia, the corner near Centro Escolar University-Makati, to The Collective despite the heat.

March 7, 2012

The Collective: Wingman (Part 1)*

*This post was originally written for The Athena, Cheenee's previous blog.

After one of my closest college friends, Danielle, told me stories about good online deals she had, I scoured the group buying sites for my first ever discount voucher. Since it was my first time to actually transact online (that's aside from booking plane tickets online), my side of OC-ness showed. I opted to try something chicken and voila... I saw Wingman on Ensogo.

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