November 10, 2012

A Break From My Sedentary Lifestyle

Fine Saturday morning to go out and sweat.

I did a pretty good job at pretending that I also have a long weekend. Why not? My shift ended at two in the afternoon on Novembers 1 and 2 so I had the rest of the day to catch up with the holidays. Instead of going home to my dorm, I went home to Taguig every afternoon. After the “Halloween party” on October 31, we spent the afternoon of November 1 shopping for Christmas decors. And although there was not much action on November 2, I was well-rested for another day full of firsts.

November 9, 2012

Grilled Ribs and The Long Weekend

These ribs are ready for grilling.
I belong to an industry that is irreverent of holidays. Unless you are among the privileged demigods or just lucky that a holiday falls on your day off, there is really not much of a choice but to work and command your mind to think of better things like double pay (if it is); no bosses (if they are good enough not to show up); and a lighter work load (though not guaranteed). But for someone like me who would rather bask in the sun, play in the shores, be home with my family or be somewhere else with my friends than be stuck inside a claustrophobic’s nightmare, no amount of positive thinking could keep my mind from wandering, wondering what my family or friends have been up to.

One effective way of distracting myself is by creating activities which do not require me from being absent. I know it will never be at par with other people’s trip home or out-of-town/country getaway, but at least I won’t kill myself in bed, thinking of the fun everyone is having except me.

Since November 31st fell on my day off, I decided to stay with the R’s for a “Halloween party.” Don’t get me wrong. We did not have decors or costumes at home. We just had dinner and watched “The Healing”. To that Baby R commented: Is this it? Is this already a Halloween party? [HAHAHA] I couldn't blame the kid. She was already disappointed because she prepared goodie bags but the children who went trick or treating seemed tired to go all the way to the fifth floor. Anyway, at least I didn't have to deal with my wild imagination alone in my dorm and I had the chance to play in the kitchen again.

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