October 12, 2011

Barquillos en Sorbetes? Muy delicioso!

I do not know when exactly this happened during my childhood (or if it happened a lot of times) but this one memory, the one that flashes in my mind when I hear the word barquillos, never fails to remind me how these thin rolled wafers perfectly compliment the sweetness of ice cream. In that flashback, I remember buying an ube flavored ice cream from a drugstore slash grocery at the market after persuading someone to buy a big tub for us. Then I remember filling my barquillos with the ube ice cream.

That (the ice cream inside the barquillos) is the exact genius that Koolstix Original made- Barquillos en Sorbetes! My cousin, Lyle, and I found this stall while roaming the tiangge area of Greenhills. Although I think it would be more proper to call it Sorbetes en Barquillos, I really don't care because every stick marries the sweet and the matabang, and the cold and not. 

Soft ice-cream fills the inside of the barquillos. The sorbetes is available in two flavors- vanilla and chocolate- while the barquillos comes in classic, the usual light brown, and the dark chocolate barquillos. The classic costs P20 while the dark choco costs P25. The sorbetes is also topped with the colorful sprinkles that make a stick of barquillos en sorbetes more interesting.

Barquillos en Sorbetes have branches in:

Greenhills Shopping Center: Food Delicacies, Exhibit Area
2nd floor, UST Multi-deck Parking

Like them on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/koolstix

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  1. Loved and linked your post! Our only wish is to have found it sooner. Thank you :)


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