August 27, 2012

Bright and Happy: The Start of My Kikay Adventures

I confessed here that I am a frustrated fashionista. I always yearn to look good but end up fading against the crowd not necessarily because of my clothes but how I wear them. I also mentioned why my confidence level would not pass as confident and how I am in a phase right now where I gravitate towards more feminine choices. Browsing through the albums on my hard drive, I figured that this outfit could have been the start of this renewed kikay phase.

The day before we ate at Roboto San Japanese Buffet Grill, I wandered at Forever 21 in SM Makati. This was not something new or weird because I always do that whenever I go home to Taguig on weekdays. The weird part was, I did not look for tops or dresses. Instead, I went directly to the accessories section. I could not resist the urge to buy a few, cheaper, accessories and went to The Ramp and Landmark to look for more.

I planned on wearing an oversized top I asked from my sister and shorts so I'd be comfortable to eat to my tummy's content. Then I saw this bodycon skirt, which I bought months ago, inside the closet and decided  (against all my fears) that it couldn't sit there untouched forever. For my shoes, I thought these pair that Mama bought when she was here matched the accessories I chose. And just like that, everything perfectly jived! And just like that, I got a few head-turns, though I really don't know if it was something good or bad. [haha] I was and still am happy looking at these photos. They remind me how simple clothes can look good if worn with confidence. [ (: ] 

Frorever 21 oversized top, bodycon skirt, earrings, and necklace || bangles from Landmark || Parisian (SM Makati) shoes || 

PS: Sorry. I do not really know how models/fashion bloggers do their poses. These are the best I got. [hahaha]

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