August 21, 2012

Something To Look Forward To

It is here again, my roller coaster of emotions. I have no idea how anxiety and sadness were able to creep back to my system again. Or maybe I know the real reason but I do not want to acknowledge it.

Right before anxiety and sadness consumed me last night, my room mate, who just came from a Bohol trip, arrived. We had a small, yet really encouraging, talk about her trip and the vacation to Ilocos she had about a week before. I got to tell my own travel stories to her too, which also allowed me to be thankful that I have had travels from the time I was little and, not that I am comparing, at least had traveled more. After she left, I just sat in my bed thankful for the blessings and prayed that my night shift will go well. I also had a funny convo with my sister and boyfriend and everything became okay. Especially that I had Big N' Tasty and Twister Fries before my shift.

Instead of sulking in despair, I thought of something to look forward to and came up with these:

Finally, Max's Chicken All-You-Can is back! I don't have a record to speak of because I was not able to try this in the past years. I blame it to the long lines. All the time. So now I'm really counting on my pig out bud, Dana, to come with me.

I am also excited to go to the book fair with my friend, Dane, though I have yet to finish the books I bought during last year's MIBF. [HAHA]. I actually have a few books listed but I have yet too prepare my budget. [HAHA]

But the real thing that makes me really excited for September is my family. They'll be coming over to Manila late September to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary. I don't really have to say much except that the idea of having the family over is exciting.

There are a lot more! So, smile, Cheenee. Smile. You deserve to be happy just like everyone else. :)

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