June 18, 2012

Table For Two, Please*

*This post was originally written for The Athena, Cheenee's previous blog.

Back in college, couples often received a glare from me not because I did not have a boyfriend, but because I was envious that they were with each other doing three of my favorites– eating, shopping, and strolling.

If I did not have my dorm mates, college barkada (TSUBA), or the R’s (Tito and Tita R, and Raiza) along with me, my cellphone served as my trusty companion and I bet you know why. It was crazy texting “Ui, I saw nice shoes….” and went on describing down to the tiniest detail but end up frustrated because he had no idea what wedges (or whatever it was I tried to describe) were.

Sometimes, we subscribed to the “Unli Call” services of Globe and, at some point, Sun Cellular, and talked on the phone over good food at a good restaurant. I would even include him in some decision-making say, for example, whether to buy something at the supermarket or not.

Thinking about those four long years of long distance relationship now makes us wonder how we managed to survive. Our stories sure sound happy but there are hints of sadness and subtle pain, which only we could recognize. Those long years were more like being rescued from a burning house right before one of us died rather than coming out of it unscathed.

Tyrone has been in the city since March. But the catch is he is not here to have food trips and road trips anytime we want. But that is fine for now while he works on something more important than food trips and road trips with me. At least now, we dine out, catch up, and have fun once a week. (We agreed on this before he came to Manila.)

Actually, my crazy and anti-social work schedule turned out to be favorable because we have the same free days. While he is here, I do not have to worry about who is going to go out with me on a work day. It also feels good to have an arm to grab when those gutsy DOMs and expats come up to me and say hi. Most of all, I now have him to talk and laugh with while we dine at a table for two.


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