August 13, 2012

London 2012-Inspired

As the games end, let me share with you a few things I bought to serve as memorabilia of London 2012. They may not be officially from London, but four years later, these will remind me how fascinated I have been with Great Britain’s flag.

I did not plan on buying stuff with Great Britain’s flag on it, though I admit its colors always catch my attention. What I was looking for two weeks ago was a new line-free notebook where I can write my chopsuey thoughts and everything else I wish to doodle. Plus, I haven’t had a pretty notebook lately.

There were a lot of nice notebooks in FullyBooked but all were steeply priced. I love notebooks but I am not a fool to spend P400+++ on them. My desperation led me to Tickles, the store where cute stuff are sold. I was already bent on buying the “Notella” notepad since I love Nutella so much but when I got to the other side, I saw notebooks with the US and UK flags as covers. I checked and found it line-free though the pages have minimal prints.

The prints actually reflect my dream to travel the world so I bought it. (:

When I was on my way to the train station, I dropped by a department store to check out pens and pencils. My pretty notebook deserves a worthy partner, you know. But I found this cellphone case instead! A perfect pair for my notebook. (:
Segue. I have more reasons to love UK, royalties aside! I found my new crush while watching the diving competition early Sunday morning. Tom Daley. I do not even know how to introduce him so... Tom Daley. The diver from Great Britain. The one who protested because of flash photography. The happiest bronze medalist I have ever seen. Him. Tom Daley. [Sorry na kinikilig ako. Haha]
What a charmer this guy!

I hope these (things and Daley) will remind and inspire me to find my way to Rio 2016... or wherever in 2020.  #keepthefaith #dreamon


  1. I love the notebook! how much is it? :))

    1. Thanks! Less than P150. I can't remember the exact price. :)


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