August 4, 2012

Mezza Norte: The North's Mercato

One reason that stops me from inviting my dorm mates to a Midnight Mercato food trip is the long haul from Quezon City to Bonifacio Global City. I have been there on an early Saturday morning with my sister and her hubby but it took me an hour to get up from bed and another 30 plus minutes to commute all the way to Taguig! So when I saw Anton’s teaser photo on Mezza Norte (Mercato of the North), I swore I would not miss it. True enough, my dorm mates and I trooped to Techno Hub on its opening last July 26.

The crowd was thick when we arrived around 10:00 in the evening. If it weren't for the good food that I expected to have, I might have suggested we go to a nearby restaurant where we can sit ourselves comfortably. But that’s not me and that’s not the correct foodie spirit. [haha] I forced my way to be there on opening day despite the sudden over time at work so why mind the crowd?

Initially, my dilemma was deciding on what food to devour since I was not craving for anything in particular. But when I saw a girl eating a huge slice of cheese pizza, I knew right away what I wanted. My friends, Mei, Aubrey, Abbey, and I went our separate ways looking for food.

I found my pizza right acorss the area where the live band played and judging from the number of customers waiting for their orders, I got the impression that it was good. The big pans of pizza were ready and were heated in their “vintage” oven toasters upon order. They had it in cheese, angus beef, pepperoni, and supreme, which I ordered.

Huge pans of pizza

My huge slice of supreme pizza (P150) was already cool when we found vacant seats. Despite this, the dough remained soft and pleasant to chew. I now think it could have been more perfect if I had with me Papa John’s garlic sauce. [ :D ] The slice was not only big but was also thick. It had another layer of “toppings” of green bell peppers, meat, onions, and cheese at the center so it was like having two thin crust pizza in one slice. It was neither too salty nor greasy as other mainstream pizza.

A piece of the huge Supreme Pizza (P150)!
That one time I have been to Mercato, I fell in love with the potato balls sold by Mad About Spuds. The small potato balls melted in my mouth while the generous amount of herb-ed cheese sauce made me dig for more, not minding how heavy it made my stomach feel. I saw Mad About Spuds in Mezza Norte and ordered a bowl of potato balls (P55).

Mad About Spuds
Potato Balls <3 (P55)
I also got to sample Abbey’s lasagna also from Mad About Spuds and, boy, it was so creamy! I love creamy lasagnas more than those with rich tomato sauce because it tends to be tangy.

Mad About Spuds' Lasagna
Aubrey, who loves anything pancit, found her night’s date in Pansit Ybanag Batil Patong, a dish unique to Tuguegarao. It is cooked right before your eyes. All of us got to taste a little of it but I understand I have to follow the right way of eating it before judging it. Aubrey said it was good, but to her, anything pancit is good. [haha, peace!]

The pancit from Tuguegarao
Mei, meanwhile, had a sweet dish. I do not like sweet viands so I now forget what the dish was. [haha] She ended up buying barbecued tenga (ears) to replace the sweet taste in her mouth.

For dessert, I convinced myself to skip Merry Moo, which I really love, and try Mcohiko (P75/pc) instead. It was my first time to try mochi ice cream, bless my soul! [haha]  I was delighted that the taste and experience that I have imagined were the exact taste and experience I had with my first Oreo and Milk mochi! [OA!! Haha] Seriously, I liked the teasing assortment of textures. Plus, I had thier Oreo flavor. Just like bacon, nothing goes wrong with Oreo! P75 is a bit expensive, though, for something smaller than my fist.
I wanted to try the mango and strawberry-flavored mochi too! Next time.
Oreo and Milk Mochi
Mochi ice cream from Mochiko (P75/pc)
If you don’t plan to try out the drinks, I suggest you buy or bring water instead. In my case, I regret that I bought a large cup of mango juice (P50) because it overpowered the flavor of the food.

Total damage? P330! Not bad. I felt full until the next day. [HAHA]

I want to try more of Mezza Norte! I took mental notes of stalls I want to try like Chef Resty’s Roast Beef, Manila Q’s Bagwang, the pancit of Tuguegarao to satisfy my curiosity, Dadi’s Bird’s Charcoal Grilled Chicken, the crunchy belly from Carlos Kitchen, Z’s sausages (yes, for the love of sausages), the burgers of Big Bob’s and Macheesemo, and of course everything that Sinangag Trip offers! It would take me more dinner dates to have all these. But as long as I am going ta have a blast with friends, eating and chatting the night away with them, I won't complain.

More Photos:

There's something about Sinangag Trip that excites me.
I like this photo but it's blurred :(
I kept coming back to this stall because of the smell of bacon. HEAVEN! I shall try you next time.
Mezza Norte is at the center of Techno Hub. The big guy in blue is a reporter from GMA 7.
I'm not (yet) a fan of Korean food but I might try this in one of my visits. There's also a shabu-shabu stall.
I was testing my camera (because it was not in the mood) when I took this photo. When I reached home, I saw Jason Ramos, team captain of the UST-MVT, on the screen. I also saw Gretchen Ho of Ateneo-WVT with Robi Domingo. Sana ako nalang si Robi! [HAHA] 
The pancit of Tuguegarao is cooked right before you.
I hope Mio Gelato sold its mochi gelato.
Merry Moo's always a hit.
And talking about hits, this roast beef by Chef Resty is one of them. I'm gonna try this, too.
I've heard so muh of Big Bob's burgers but I never got to try them. Maybe next time this and Macheesemo.


  1. Crunchy Belly by Carlo's KitchenAugust 21, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    We hope you try us out on your next visit to Mezza Norte!

  2. Hello cheeneeD! Nice blog! :-) thanks for adding sinangag trip and hopefully will meet soon! See yah! - greyzie here..

    By the way pls add us in your FB Godbless!

    1. hey, greyzie! thanks for dropping by. i'll see you, promise! i kept going back to your stall because the food smelled so good but i was already too full to try them. see ya! (:


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